Call It What It Is!!! 

By Terah Minor-Jones abd Ricardo Ayala


Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get worse (or maybe you did), there America goes again, breaking records that never needed to be held. On October 1, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada experienced a terrorist attack from white-American, Stephen Paddox. Over 400 people were injured and over 70 people were killed. This is now in the United States Historical Records as being the deadliest, mass shooting to ever occure. 

This article wants to acknowledge and emphasis the fact that this was a white-American terrorist and will refer to as such for the remainder of this article - because if he was black, muslim, hispanic, or any other minoritied group, he would be referred to in that way. It's terrorism and he is a terrorist, call it what it is!


Terrorist Paddox has since claimed to be suffering mentally. Similar to the way the attorney for Dylan Roof (an alt-right activist, white supremacist, and 2016's white mass murder) claimed him to be mentally unstable and suffering from a mental disability in order to avoid harsh sentencing. 


But lets point out that when black, muslim, hispanic, or "bad hombre" shooter acts out, it is considered an act of terror. They are not allowed to play the "mentally suffering" card, nor would any judge take them seriously had they tried. Why not? Because these groups of people represent an entire minority that white America refuses to treat with equal value and respect. 


Our nation's definition of 'terror' is melanin-based. This is not only seen in our mass media headlines when tradgy occurs, but in our justice system where innocent POC are getting longer sentences than the white people committing these acts of terror. Crime against the white-mass, not BY white-ness, is the only terror our justice system will acknowledge or even care about. People are suffering and dying, and it's because of a white terrorist. For years it has been by the hands of white terrorist. In fact, white men have committed more mass shootings than any other "race" of people. 


It really just adds insult to tragedy when they pardon him of his terrorist identity. 

We live in some times... 


Activist and writer, Shaun King said it best, "Only in America can whiteness prevent the man who conducted the deadliest mass shooting in America from being called a terrorist." 


Call it what it is!