Why Angela Rye and other truth seekers like her are for the culture

By: Micaela Shirley

With another presidential election on the rise, tensions continue to run high between the Democratic and Republican parties. It is unclear, who is leading this presidential race, however, most minorities would agree that they rather not endure another four years with Donald Trump in office.

Although he continues to get support from some Americans, other citizens are opposed to his extreme views and beliefs. One of Trump’s most outspoken critics is Angela Rye.

Rye is a political commentator for CNN and a political analyst for NPR (National Public Radio). She also serves on the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, Seattle University School of Law Alumni, and Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network.

Rye is most known for her frequent guest appearances on the hit radio show, The Breakfast Club where she opens about issues surrounding the Trump Administration, sexual harassment in politics, police brutality, banking black, staying woke and many more.

A few of her most watched CNN segments on YouTube include the video where she emotionally breaks down on air discussing racism in the republican party and another video where she shuts down Gina Loudon, a member of Trump’s 2020 Advisory Council over the lack of black staffers working at the White House.

It’s clear when you watch videos of Rye that she is passionate about the lives of minorities and hates seeing their voices and stories going unheard. Unafraid and unyielding to debate other commentators on air with different views on issues surrounding the black community or politics in general, Rye leaves you with an indelible mark ande message to take with you.

Rye is not the only truth seeker down for the cause. Maxine Waters, also known as “Auntie Maxine,” to millennials is another outspoken critic of the president and an advocate for minorities/marginalized groups.

Like Rye, Waters desires to create a more diverse and inclusive world for the current and next generation of people. Believing that the future of politics is in good hands with the millennial demographic.

Overall, if you haven’t watched any interviews or CNN segments with Angela Rye, I would highly recommend giving her a look during your free time. Her no-nonsense attitude and push-back way of coming-for-you debating will raise your level of consciousness, intrigue and interest in all this young woman has to say.

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