When I Get Home By Solange: ALBUM REVIEW

By: Donovan Mack

This past Friday (3/1), singer, visionary, and all around artist, Solange Knowles dropped a surprise album that is a pure portrayal of black beauty.

Announcing on Instagram the night before, by herself and her sister Beyonce, Solange decided to cap off Black History Month right- showcasing that R&B is far from DEAD.

She also dropped a 30 minute video, in pure Knowles fashion, featuring amazing scenery and beautiful black people.

Even though there may be no mainstream hit within this album made for the POP Billboard Charts, this album showcases what music is supposed to be; A true art form.

The Seat at the Table artist gives us creativity to the max, and also gives us everything and the kitchen sink with sounds that flow consistently and cohesively.

Songs like “Amelda” and “Sound of Rain” produced by Pharrell Williams are memorable in itself, but with contributions from Tyler the Creator and The Dream the album becomes unforgettable.

The record also features guest appearances from Gucci Mane and Playboi Carti.

With many more references from black history and incorporating 21st century sounds, there is no doubt this album is for the culture.

The album can also be considered an ode to mental health, because it involves soothing sounds and free flowing lyrics.

Slate Magazine, an online platform covering new politics, tech, culture and more, describes the album to have “affirmations of black identity and solidarity, womanist self-care, and the Knowles’ Houston roots.”

Slate Magazine also notes that the album is a “mix of smooth and rough” as it gets “down and dirty” destroying stereotypes and creating new archetypes.

The Undefeated and The Vulture both reference black futurism and continues to describe her and her music as "creating a new world" (Vulture) and referencing her recent tweets, "Will Solange’s new album release revive BlackPlanet?" (The Undefeated)

In addition to these reviews, other publications describe it as ICONIC as the singer reinvents the genre and creates her own lane in the industry.

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