TLT Spotlight : Model Jasmine Mobley

Jasmine Mobley Continues To Build Her Modeling Resume While Working Full Time

Introducing Model Jasmine Mobley

First of all, we would like to start with an introduction and a little background of yourself!

My name is Jasmine Mobley, Jennifer Check is just my social media name. I was born in D.C. but raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. A role model of mine is R&B singer Aaliyah. I’m really outgoing and love going on trips with friends and doing different activities. I graduated from Towson University in the fall of 2017 with a Bachelors of Science Degree. My major was Computer Design. Right now I work for NASA in one of their technologies contracts.

Beauty & Brains

How did you get into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do or did it just happen unexpectedly?

I started modeling when I was 14 for this teen agency in Maryland. It was basically a school that taught me all aspects of the industry, not just modeling. It predominately focused on modeling. I was really shy growing up so I didn’t want to do it at first. My mom wanted to put me in pageants when I was like 6, but I was with that agency from 14 to I believe 19.

Did you do any training/classes for modeling? If so can you tell us what it specifically was?

Yes, I took classes for 9 months that taught me about acting, makeup, poses, and other stuff including to prepare me for adulthood. I received a certificate for completion after I finished the class. I would do scripts in case I wanted to audition for roles, even though I’m trash at acting I’m glad I learned lol. I learned what to always have in your model bag and the kind of makeup you should use for subtle shoots.

I see you have over 25,000 followers on your IG page! How long did it take to get that many followers? How does it feel seeing all those likes and comments? How did your family/friends react to this success?!

Lol yes, I do have over 25K. Honestly, I’ve had my IG since 2013 so as time progressed, I started branching out more. People would repost my pictures cause they’re “cute” or shout me out cause I’m cute,” so my following went up. Seeing the likes and comments, I don’t really get too pressed for them per se, but it does feel good that people like what they see.

I’m very goofy so I don’t just stick to shoot photos on my page. I like posting funny videos and stupid captions, I like making people laugh. That’s my main thing. My friends always gas me up for no reason lol. I do have some friends that really do believe in me and are just waiting for me to pop up on a billboard or something lol. My family that’s my age group know about my social media and react similar to my friends, but older family members, they don’t really know lol.

How important is being a model to you? Is this something you want to pursue for years or is it just a hobby? What doors have happened for you since starting modeling?

I wouldn’t say it’s a NEED or importance for me to model, but it is something that I love doing It turned from a hobby into another form of income sometimes. I would pursue it as long and as much as I can, but I wouldn’t leave my job or drop everything to do it. I’ve heard so many stories about models going to LA with only $70 and now they’re "big poppin,” but for me, I’m not going to struggle when I don’t need to. I have a bomb job I was blessed with and work with great people and if I can do both, I will.

Doors have opened, I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities where people have offered to pay for my travel and shoot with them and go to NYFW, but since I was in school it was pretty hard. I also received a discount code from Fashion Nova so when people use it I get a percentage of the money from that, I’ve partnered with other clothing and hair companies as well, they’re tagged in my photos whenever I post about them.

What places have you traveled to for modeling? What is your favorite place you’ve been so far?!

Modeling opportunities have taken her to different cities including Los Angeles!

Most of the time I’ve stuck with D.C. and MD, VA, but I’ve gone to L.A. to shoot as well. There was a time last year I would’ve had a shoot in England, but where I was staying was too far for me to travel. My favorite place to shoot honestly is local because I’ve met some great photographers out here and liked what we created. I love shooting in L.A. as far as when I shoot with different people because I like seeing the different vibes.

There are other places I’ve been requested to come to, but like I said the schooling was in the way. There was a time in August I think I was booked twice in a week for 3 weeks after working 40 hours a week like I had to say “ok September I am chilling for a while,” lol it was tiring.

The modeling world can be very critical and demanding. How do you deal with those pressures and keep your confidence high?

Yeah, there have been times like I said I just get super busy and have to either suck it up or reschedule. Working 9-5 and then a shoot at 7 that’s probably at least 2 hours and not eating dinner like its tiring lol. But it’s worth it in the end. My confidence stays high because I’m not a person that genuinely gets put down or feels inadequate easily. Anybody that knows me will say I’m goofy, silly, outgoing, always smiling, and I always make sure everyone is good no matter what.

Confidence on 1000!

So with my personality being that way, my confidence can’t be torn. There was a time I did a skit with one of my friends and as I said before, my acting is trash lol. So he has like a million subscribers on youtube and I was reading the comments and 95% were good but 5% was like damn she can’t act and I was a little hurt lmao, but I was like its all good..people got opinions…I agree too lmao.

What type of photoshoots do you prefer? Any certain style or anything that you will not do?

I’m pretty open to different vibes and styles of shoots most of the time as long as it’s not all Playboy looking lol. One thing I am tired of though is swimming shoots because I’ve done about 12 of those and it ain’t summer no more so I need a switch up lmao.

How long is a typical photo shoot for you?

Shoots last for me minimum 2 hours, the longest one I’ve had was 5 hours.The MUAs I use always slay my face I never want to take the makeup off. I even post selfies in the makeup before I post the actual photoshoot lol. There have been so many times in between shots I look at the photos and I’m like “Gahhht damn who is that. That must be Jenn Check, not Jasmine lmao.”

What is your favorite photo shoot you’ve done so far and why?

Sheesh. My favorite shoot…I don’t even wanna say cause they’ll be pissed if it wasn’t theirs’ lmao. There have been so many throughout the years..but each shoot and each photographer is different.

My favorite shoots are the ones where I come out with great photos, great experiences, and a possible friend in the photographer. The ones I’ve worked with can definitely vouch and say we always have a good time.

In this social media age, a lot of people claim to be a model. What makes a model official to you and what tips would you give someone who wants to become a model?

Yeah, a lot of people do say that and for a long period of time, I never classified myself as that honestly because I felt like I was not that “big poppin,” yet. I get DMs all the time about modeling and how to start and how to get their page to be more interactive and stuff so I was like dang..maybe I am a little influencer or something lol.

Its one thing when you just say you’re a model or influencer, and then it’s another to just do you and people notice how you are and get advice from you by their own choice. I think once I started getting emails about sponsoring brands, paid gigs, bookings and people wanting to fly me out for shows it got me realizing ok this is serious now lol. As far as tips for becoming a model, honestly models have all kinds of looks so you can be as pretty as Naomi Campbell, but have the worst attitude and won’t get far. Just be humble, invest in yourself, and practice.

Do you have a specific diet or workout routine? If you do how strict is it?

My diet? Oh, it's trash lol. As of a month or 2 ago, I started cutting out chips, sodas, sweets, and junk food mainly. I started training with someone that I’ve known for a little bit. He gives me strict meal plans and workout routines. I’ll post like some fried Oreos or cookies and he’ll be pissed lmao. But before I got a trainer, I still worked out probably 3-4 times a week.

If you have any, what models influence you the most?

Mainly models that look similar to me, not face wise, hair-wise, and body type wise, I’ll look at models like that for inspiration before shooting. But no one in particular.

Jennifer Check!
What must you have when going to a photoshoot?

Besides what the photographer already wants you to bring, I always bring white/black heels, white/black bra, thongs, makeup, hair ties, deodorant, body spray, a brush, some jeans, and a black tank top.

What tips would you give a man for dating a woman who is a model? I can imagine it can be intimidating for some men.

Well, I would say to just remember that comments are just comments. Be trustworthy and confident in the relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and communicate if you aren’t comfortable with something.

What projects can we expect from you in the future??

I do have 2 shoots next week that is different from what I usually do. I actually have never done a shoot like these 2 before. It took a lot of time and research but I’m excited for them and can’t wait for everyone to see.

Last but not least any special shoutouts you want to give! Also, tell people where they can follow you or where you can be booked at!

Just a special shoutout to everyone that has been following me since day 1 when I had the green contacts and always dyed my hair a different color every other month lol. Y’all loyal. @_jennifer_check

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