The Negative Effects of Social Media on A Young Adult Life

By: Camille Pope

Using social media is a long-lasting trend that has developed into an everyday habit for most people who own a smartphone.

Social media was founded in the early 2000s, but it was companies like Facebook that took over the industry when it gained popularity.

Launched in 2004, users were able to interact with friends through messages, send them videos and video chat, meet people from all over the world and share their lives like they never did before. However, Zuckerberg had no idea what this small idea would turn into.

Today there is an abundance of social media apps and with a click of a button, it has made communicating from distances and interacting with other users easier and fun.

Although Social Media has helped us stay connected to family, and has helped grow businesses and brands there are also some negative effects that social media can have on the user.

For example, social media can have a negative influence on mental health and mental health issues can stem from body shaming, cyber bullying, and unrealistic expectations displayed on social media.

Social media can subconsciously makes followers and fans feel like they should strive to get attention or it can make users start to compare themselves to the pictures they are seeing on a variety of platforms. Social media can also become a draining place when everyone is posting pictures tries to look perfect and nobody is being themselves.

Social media can be fun if used properly, but if it becomes a daily habit, the harsh things we see and read on these accounts can seep into our brain.

Because of social media, a lot of teens and young adults are influenced to live their life a certain way, or think a certain way. They also may feel that they can express their harmful opinions whenever they want, or that they can judge other people and make them feel bad about themselves. Mainly because it has become a habit for them on social media and then they transfer that out into the world.

Body shaming and bullying are just some of the bad habits allowed on social media, that are now transferred into the real world, affecting everyone.

So next time you want to check Twitter for funny videos, or look on Instagram to see who liked your pictures, think about how it may be affecting you, maybe you need social media break.

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