Take a Stand Against Mass Shootings

By: Na’Tianna Stocker

The amount of mass shootings in the United States have surpassed the amount of days this year, so far.

We are seven months into the year and there has already been 225 mass shootings in the United States as of August 5th according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Studies have shown that there is AT LEAST one mass shooting a day, and here in America, five of some of the most traumatic ones happened within the last two weeks.

Dayton, OH is one of the most recent mass shooting in the United States and in this massacre there were 9 fatalities and 27 people were injured.

The day before that, a man walked into a Wal-Mart in El Paso, TX and opened fire. He had intentions to kill people and had no issue letting the police know that this was his motive. In that massacre, there were 22 fatalities and 26 people were injured, including kids.

Seeing that all of these murders and terrorists had the intention to kill as many people in one setting as possible, you would think that the police’s first instinct would be to shoot the terrorist as soon as they were able to spot them because they are deemed armed and dangerous.

But in most cases, they are extremely gentle with them. They will handle them with care and only put them in handcuffs.

However, with some police officers track record on how they arrest African Americans and examining how they are arresting white terrorists, there is a contradiction that needs to be addressed.

For example, A black man or woman could forget to turn their signal to turn and they could get pulled over and dragged aggressively out of their car. Or the same instance could happen to an immigrant; They could get pulled over and arrested because it is assumed that they aren’t a citizen and then they could be put in the ICE holding facilities and treated as if they were a slave or in a concentration camp.

But a white man can shoot up a grocery store or a school and be treated with the utmost respect; then when they question the white man, the media and/or the officers will just say that he’s mentally ill and take him to treatment.

To change this, one thing you can do in your community is to start voting, vote for everything that you are able to vote for. But before voting, do your research! Research candidates who will put your safety first, vote for someone who has your interests in mind. Go to rallies, town hall meetings, go to any and everything where you are able to say what you want to see happen in your community, Take a stand in your community, nothing will change if the same people keep getting in office with the same mindset. Vote for someone who will represent you!

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