Nowadays it’s hard to tell who’s in the music game for the money or who really has a heartfelt passion for what they’re speaking about in their music.

Underground rapper, Don, let’s us know which side he’s on by giving us feels for days on his upcoming project “20.” I had the pleasure of hearing this mixtape before it is releasing on all streaming platforms and this work is GOLD. This 8 track masterpiece is set to satisfy your ear for good music with rebuttal tracks like “Need a Man” and “Need a Girl.”

The consistency of these songs is extremely impressive. A lot of the times, artist try too hard to please their audiences with a million different songs on one tape that all fit into different styles in genres. This isn’t always a bad thing but it’s definitely very overwhelming. Thanks to Don, we don’t have that issue!

“Another Love Song”, “Absent”, and “More than Half” are the songs that you cruise to on a midnight tip with the calm but necessary needs.

“Jumped out my Bag”, “Pick it Up”, and “Long way Home” come next for when you’re ready to do a little bop to the songs. Without saying much but also while saying everything you need to know, this tape will be everything you need from music to start the new year. Don’t forget to stream “20” when it drops on all music platforms on January 10th, 2020!

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