R&B Superstar Nivea Releases new music!!!

By: Donovan Mack

R&B Pop and Hip Hop Star Nivea opens up about her Life and Career in a new BET Special Called #FindingNivea

The Singer Behind “Don’t Mess With My Man” and the “Been So Long” hook recently started in a BET Special where she discussed her short career but also her journey from in the spotlight to out of the spotlight.

Although she took a break from music Nivea is back in the studio and just released a new single called Circles.

In the 15 minute documentary, the singer discusses her image within the industry and how she never fit in.

Some producers called her the black Britney Spears, however, others put her in multiple categories.

May have been one category to many because radio executives at urban music stations wouldn’t play Nivea’s music.

In fact, the singer describes that other would say she was to urban for pop music but to pop for the urban r&b music scene.

Therefore Nivea felt lost, some of her songs were hits but didn’t get the recognition she deserved.

In dealing with the ups and downs of her career she also had to deal with some traumatic and draining relationships with Rapper Lil Wayne.

Through those relationships, she continued to go through ups and downs as well as introducing a child into the mix by having a son with Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne allegedly cheated on her multiple times which only made things worse but the also broke off 2 engagements they had together before her career ended.

In event of ending her career, she focused on raising her son but admitted that it took a lot out of her to stop making music and go a different path.

Now back in the studio, Nivea is more than excited to start singing again.

The shade room posted her new song that was released last Friday (9/28) and is already getting great support.

Now in 2018, fans seem to be rooting for Nivea as she is getting a second chance in the music industry.

You can listen to Nivea's new single, "Circles" on all music platforms now.

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