Queen V. Astroworld: Does a spot on music charts determine success?

By Aliyah Bynoe and Maia Fulton

Travis Scott due to their recent album sales. Nicki believes she deserves the number one spot on the Billboard charts and claims Travis Scott only has number one due to several factors. Such as his girlfriend Kylie Jenner posting about his upcoming tour on her Instagram, Billboard allegedly counting his merchandise sales as album sales, and his pre-sale ticket passes for his upcoming tour. However, Nicki still broke records with Queen going #1 in 86 countries. So why is Nicki so obsessed with having the number one spot in America? Some say it might be about her keeping her appearance as the Queen of Rap. Since the beginning of Nicki’s career every studio album she’s released has gone number one.

However, with the amount of streams on Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD, her fourth album only reached number two. Do spots on music charts define the success of the artist? Or is Nicki’s issue with her spot on the charts due to the fact that people have attempted to discredit her over the years? A lot of people have referred to Nicki’s antics as her “acting out”. Possibly because she feels entitled to the number one spot after getting the number 1 spot for her past three albums.

On the other hand, it could very much be a defense mechanism she has created to defend her spot as an artist; which is very understandable considering it wouldn’t be the first time Nicki has been discredited and slandered. Is she fed up or just reaching? If women were receiving the credit they deserved in hip-hop, it would be easy to distinguish. In the world of Hip-Hop, male rappers are given a kingdom in which they can all prosper. While female rappers are stuck fighting for one throne. With Nicki Minaj not receiving the streams she wanted it could feel as if her title as the Queen of Rap and her spot on the throne, is slipping away.

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