Preventing Valentine's Day Blues

By: Quortney Moulton

Preventing Valentine's Day Blues. . . Tips & Tricks

Let’s begin this blog post with a mini confession: I hate Valentine’s Day! You’re probably in the same boat as me, if you’re reading this post. I’m here to let you know that being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world and waiting for Prince Charming or Miss. Right to come along isn’t the best move. As humans, we must understand that accepting self-love is the number one characteristic that will set us apart from the rest. Meaning taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally can turn out to be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. In the long-run, you will begin to realize that the pressure of “falling in love” or “finding the perfect one” will be the least of your worries.

So, I’ve created four different tricks and tips that will help you forget that Valentine’s Day is __ days away.

#1- No Boo, No Problem

So, its Valentine’s Day and you’re scrolling down your Instagram account, seeing all these lovey dovey Instagram couples everywhere! You’re happy for them, but you can’t help but wonder “Where’s my Valentine?” Like many singles out there, it’s okay not to be cuffed on this “special” day. Listen. . . No boo, no problem! It’s the 21st century and being independent is the new wave. We don’t need someone to wine and dine us, just to make us feel loved. Instead, we can do those things + many more to make us feel happy, independent and confident. My first tip to you, is to realize that this day was also meant for everyone, with or without a mate. Just because you don’t have another person clinging onto you, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life or Valentine’s Day. Technically, anyone can be your Valentine. Remember, there’s no rules to this thing called love. You make up your own rules! Ask someone close to you, if they would want to be your Valentine and make it a fun outing. Just tell them how much they mean to you with a homemade dinner, movie night, concert or simply enjoying happy hour at your local restaurant. Either way you choose, I know it will be great time because you’re spending it with someone you love.

#2- “Out & About”

Single, huh? That’s cool, just grab a couple of your friends and make this day all about your friendship! No matter where you are or what you do, having a good group of friends can turn any bad day around. Find something you and your friends are obsessed with and run with it. For all my singles living in the DMV area, here are some events going on in the D.C area. Take advantage of the experience and let us know if you attended in the comments below:

~ Cuffin’ Season: Don’t Be On Games

~ A Galentines Brunch

~ Shake It Up- Valentines Day

~ Singles & Chill

If spending money is not in your budget at the moment, don’t worry I got you! Some people always think that to have fun, you must spend money. That’s simply not the truth, what I mean by that is, money doesn’t mean a thing when the vibes are at an all-time high and the energy between everyone is good. If you have close friends, you know exactly what I’m referring too. So, here’s a tip for having fun on a budget:

~ Organize a stay-at-home mani/pedi day with movies, games and a bottle of wine of course! Planning small activities can unexpectedly turn out to be a memorable time with your friends.

~ Gather the squad and allow your creativity to blossom! Classes such a Paint & Sip have become a popular birthday event for ladies and gents all over. But, who says you must pay $50+ for a class, when you can round up your friends and do this activity in the comfort of your own home. Allow your friends to print out a couple of pictures to replicate, buy some painting supplies from your local Dollar Store/Walmart/Target and have some genuine fun. ​

#3- Be the Social Butterfly you were always meant to be!

All your friends are boo’d up? Don’t stress, it’s okay to be social & go out solo. Never be ashamed of treating yourself to a movie, nice day at the spa or a shopping spree. On this Valentine’s Day, I want you to appreciate yourself and know that you are worthy of all the positive things coming to you this new year. Understand that the benefits of treating yourself can outweigh the thought of being alone and not doing anything. Just think about it, do you want to feel liberated or bummed out because you’re stuck in bed with no plans. Instead, try these activities to boost up your self-esteem and self-love.

1. Make Breakfast in Bed – As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is proven to boost your metabolism and set the mood. Making breakfast for yourself and getting cozy in bed may sound silly, but trust me it’s the most relaxing thing you could ever do for yourself. Cooking is also known to be a therapeutic hobby, just throw on some music, look up a new recipe on Pinterest and go for it!

2. Try Something New & Take a Class – If you’ve always wanted to take a dance, cooking or kickboxing class, set-up a trail free appointment and try it out. You never know, you may just meet a new friend!

3. Begin a new hobby – Solo and Bored? That’s okay, be confident in yourself and your abilities. What do you like to do on your free time? You can expand on these hobbies and make it into a brand. We live in an era where social media can be the only tool we need to make it big in this world. So, if you’re talented don’t let the opinions of others hold you back. Start a blog site, YouTube channel, Instagram page, etc. dedicated to your new hobby. The main thing to take away from starting, is not to let fear stop you from being happy. Just dive on in & see where it takes you!

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