Orange is the New Black. Are you still watching?

By Donovan Mack

Orange is the new black premiered season 6 on July 27th on Netflix.

This highly anticipated season was one to answer many questions that were not answered back in season 5, but are you still watching?

Many fans were annoyed to find out that season 6 was to be release in late July rather than in early June like the other 5 seasons.

Although production wrapped in February of this year the series still was push back a couple week but still was traditionally released in the summer of each year.

And Even though the season came out later than usual, The Netflix show still came in with good ratings.

According to OITNB came ahead of some original netflix series like the crown, but was below 13 reasons why and stranger things.

Indie Wire reports that the first episode received over 5.3 million followers in the 1st 3 days.

Although the ratings are strong, this was even below some OITNB’s past season.

The new season of OITNB, is now out on netflix and has been renewed until season 7.

So, Are you still watching?

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