New Netflix Shows Coming this Summer

By: Aleah Shell

IG: xxlee.m

What seems to be the world's favorite source for tv shows and movies, next to Hulu, is Netflix. As usual the platform is set to release new content this upcoming summer.

As of right now (June 18 2019) the most popular show on Netflix that kicked off the summer is the mini-series named “When They See Us” which is about 5 men who were falsely accused and charged with rape of a female jogger in Central Park.

They were was proven innocent, after serving 7-13 years in jail after DNA evidence and a confession from the real man who committed the crime. This 4 episode series will be available all summer, and even after.

Although that is the most watched show on Netflix, New seasons of popular series such as Black Mirror, Thirteen Reasons Why, Black, the final season of Orange is the New Black, and many, many more of fans favorites will be premiering starting June.

New shows such as Mr. Iglesias and Neon Genesis Evangelion will be released on June 21st. Although Netflix has been consistent with new shows, it seems as though they are working on releasing new seasons of previous shows more than releasing specifically new shows over the summer.

While Netflix has many movies and shows in the works, they have not yet given release dates for everything just yet.

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