Meek Mill Debuts At Number One With "Championships"

By Ashton Horne

Meek Mill Claims Second Number One Album With "Championships."

Meek Mill fourth studio album "Championships" will take the number spot on the Billboard 200 Chart. 

Fans highly anticipated this album since the rapper's release from prison. Meek delivered and gave fans variety. From his trademark gritty flow on songs like "Trauma," "Going Bad," and "On Me."

To softer vulnerable songs like "Dangerous," "24/7," and "Almost Slipped."

Meek didn't stray away from trying to wake up society either on issues of poverty, the court system, and police brutality. "What's Free" caught a lot of fans attention with features from Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

"Championships" and "Oodles O' Noodles Babies," showcases Meek's storytelling and description of growing up in the streets of Philadelphia.

The growth of Meek on this album is apparent. With the hype behind it, it's no surprise it debuted at number one.

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