Mac Miller Passes Away At 26

By Aliyah Bynoe

According to several sources earlier today September 7, 2018 famous rapper Malcolm McCormick, (better known by his rapper name Mac Miller) was found dead in his California home from an apparent drug overdose. Mac Miller openly spoke about drug abuse and his struggles in the past, his friends, family and fans supporting him throughout the years.

He recently released his fifth Studio album titled “Swimming”, U.S. August 3rd 2018. Released on the same day as several other rap albums Mac Miller’s “Swimming”, U.S. reached the third spot on the US Billboard charts.

Today friends, celebrities and fans spoke about the love passion and dedication Miller show towards his music career and people. Most of them sharing a memory they had, all of them expressing how much they’ll miss him.

Mac Miller was set to tour for his fifth studio album October 27, 2018. He spoke on his excitement about touring yesterday. He will be missed by family, friends, and fans across the world.

More details will become available as this story develops.


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