Lizzo Makes Waves with Her NPR: Tiny Desk Concert Performance

By: Micaela Shirley

Lizzo doesn’t show any signs of letting up now that more people are recognizing her in the music industry.

The singer, rapper, and flute performer made a great impression with audiences during her first NPR tiny desk concert last tuesday. She was all smiles and full of energy throughout as the band played three songs off her newly released album, Cuz I Love You. These songs included, “Juice,” “Truth Hurts,” and the title track to her latest album.

She started off the concert with the song, “Cuz I Love You,” giving a soulful and heartful performance that will surely leave viewers breath-taken as they watch Lizzo hold her notes for as long as she can.

The next song played was “Truth Hurts,” which was released two years ago, but didn’t appear on the Billboard Hot 100 list until earlier this year. Once again, Lizzo gave an outstanding performance with this song, not missing a beat with her rap verses and still holding it down even when she started sweating.

She ended the concert with the song, “Juice,” bringing out her flute to add flare to the already upbeat song and getting the audience to sing along to the chorus.

If you haven’t gotten around to seeing this video, TLT would highly recommended watching it. It is a much watch for Lizzo fans and will encourage more people to explore her music.

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