Lincoln University Hosts it first ever: CommuCon

By: Tamia Coleman

This week, Lincoln University hosted the very first Mass Communications conference. This conference was a two day event to enhance the knowledge of students in the field of Mass Communications.

The conference speakers came from many different fields such as public relations, journalism, and broadcast.

Porsha Hargrove and Jocelyn Chavis taught students that it's okay to be "joe," in their workshop on leveraging your degree. Being joe is a form of networking and everyone should look at it as such instead of thinking of it as being in the mix. The people that stand out are the ones that people notice anyways.

Dominique Vaultz educated the students on how to properly write in the world of media through making different headlines and casual dialogue. She didn't come alone though! She also brought Karl "Lito" Thomas, the elementary school teacher by day but the media mogul by night. He has conducted interviews with some of the biggest names in entertainment like Michael Blackson and Joyner Lucas under his brand "The Takeover Files."

On the second day, David Duane of "My Fierce Wings Radio," gave instructions on how to knock down the doors in the media industry through his presentation. Duane has worked with media outlets like Essence Magazine and I-Heart Radio.

Afterwards, the conference shifted to the alumni pouring into the students with different workshops and a panel. Regan Farley, CEO of Regan Farley Agency and Hustle Sold Separ8tly, gave reminders to "dream, hustle, and plan." Which is what every college student needs to hear.

Paige Mitchell, radio host, publicist, and journalist, showed the steps on how to become a media mogul and what she did to get where she is today. Lastly, D'Ante Smith of ESPN gave specifics on how to land your dream job at ESPN and in the sports media industry.

Trying to obtain a job after graduation with a degree in Mass Communications isn't easy for everyone but with the right guidance, you can do anything you want to do! Get an internship, get a mentor, stay focused, and let your dream plan unravel.

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