LeBron James Signs to Lakers in Free Agency

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

LeBron James has just shocked the world. The 4 time NBA MVP award winner has taken his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers. The contract is a four-year deal, worth 154 million dollars. Klutch Sports Group reported this first within the past hour.

James opted out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers just this week. Most people assumed he would stay in the East, not wanting to go to the tougher Western conference. 76ers and the Celtics were among the top destinations thought to acquire James, especially when Paul George signed back with the Oklahoma Thunder.

James will bring a superstar presence to the Lakers, along with veteran experience to help this young squad led by Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball. The free agency period has just begun at midnight on July 1st so there is still time for the Lakers to acquire another superstar such as Demarcus Cousins or possibly make a trade for Kawhi Leonard.

I’m personally a fan of the Lakers. I wasn’t excited to get LeBron at first, because I liked the young core we were working with now. I thought maybe James could hinder that some and that we would eventually have to give up some of the players to get a bigger superstar. But since George has stayed with OKC, I like our chances of keeping our young upcoming players. I think they will be fun to watch and bring a lot of excitement back to LA.

Quick flashback of James Career

James started his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, being drafted number one overall. He then went to the Miami Heat in 2010 and spent the next four years with them, winning two championships alongside All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

In 2014 he opted out of his six-year contract with the Heat and went back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2016 James with the help of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love brought the city of Cleveland their first sports championship in 52 years by defeating the Golden State Warriors in a dramatic 7 game series. That was his third championship he won overall.

James has received numerous accolades over his career. Take a look at his accomplishments below:

Career Stats as of Jan. 2018

  • 27.1 points

  • 38.8 minutes

  • 0.741 free-throw percentage

  • 0.344 3-point field goal percentage

  • 0.503 field-goal percentage

  • 1.2 offensive rebounds

  • 6.1 defensive rebounds

  • 7.1 assists

  • 0.8 blocks

  • 1.6 steals

  • 3.4 turnovers

Stats and accomplishments from NBA.com

Written by Ashton Horne

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