Lavie Means "Life" in French

By: Sade Reeves

Lavie by CK is a fashion brand that was created by a passion for fashion, creative, 21 year old named Claude Kameni. Claude was born in Cameroon which is when her interest for fashion started. She eventually moved to the United States where she was given the opportunity to create her brand, Lavie by CK where Lavie means "life" in french.

Claude makes designs for women and men and she also does booking appointments to have custom pieces made for her clients. Claude has perfected her skills so well she now designs pieces for A-list celebrities around the globe such as, Janet Jackson, De'arra Taylor, Jackie Aina and many more.

If you need an outfit for prom, a wedding, birthdays, graduation or any other type of event, Claude Kameni can make it for you. Right now she has her fall 2018 collection out on her website, and she has ten designs out for sale.

If you like intricate and colorful clothes or you have an idea of an out you want made for an event check out the Lavie By CK instagram page @laviebyck to see more of her work.

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