Last Minute Affordable Father's Day Gift Guide

By: `Na'Tianna Stocker (Nat With The Stats) IG: @_natianna

It may have slipped your mind but Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16, less than 48 hours away.

You’re probably still in school and on summer break or you have recently graduated from your university or high school.

Either way, you still want to get your father something for Father’s Day but you might not have the funds to spend that much money or you don’t know what do you get the guy that you think has everything!

He has all the tools in the world, doesn’t want to give up any of his razors and never really says what he likes. However, he can’t say no to new tools or a new grooming kit so why not upgrade your old man!

Here are some ideas for you to get your dad something that he will love (while staying on a budget!):

Walmart and Target Father’s Day Gifts under $25.

1. Babylisspro Men Mini Grooming Kit (pictured below)

2. Stalwart 130 Piece Household Hand Tool Set (pitcured below)

3. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash Clean Comfort 18 oz

4. A Best Dad Shirt- There are tons of “Best Dad” t-shirts you can also grab to make it a bit more personal.

A wallet! Target has a Father’s Day section where there are several wallets all under $15.

6. Is your dad a coffee drinker? If so, you can’t go wrong with a brand new mug especially if it’s only $6!

7. Pick out one of his favorite caps -- there are Nike and Yankee hats available at your local Target.

For the More Artistic Dad

1. Dad’s Stache Jar

Get a cheap mason jar and fill it up with his favorite candy! Decorate the outside with stickers or pictures of you and him.

2. An Alternative to shaving cream (DIY Pre-Shave Oil)

An alternative to shaving cream and will leave the skin so soft and smooth! One part grapeseed oil, one part olive oil and one part as essential oil of your choice. (This will go great with the grooming kit from Walmart!)

3. A Collage of Pictures

You can purchase a small bulletin board from Walmart for about $10 and also print off your favorite pictures of you and him to put on there. All together you are spending less $20.

Whatever you choose, make sure to include a card to put into words how much you appreciate him and all he’s done. It can be funny or serious, pick what you think will make him smile!

If all fails and you still are not able to get or make your father a gift, make him his favorite meal, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. He will feel like the most special man in the world.

And if you can, just help out around the house, you take some stress off of his shoulders for the weekend.

Don't forget to top it off with a simple, “I love you”.

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