Kevin Durant To Open A New Community Center

By: Donovan Mack

Golden State Warrior, Kevin Durant was home, in PG County, this past Wednesday (1/23). He was there for a NBA basketball game later in the week but he was also in PG for a grand opening. His Grand Opening that is; The Washington Post reports that Kevin Durant opened an after school facility that will serve underprivileged students to, go to, and graduate college. The facility, College Track at the Durant Center, is opening in his old neighborhood. It will be dedicated to helping students by being a resourceful support service during their time away at college. What makes this center different is that he is partnering with a program that will not only have its first center on the east coast, but will also showcase how important support is once the high school graduate gets to college. Some students are lucky enough to get to college but most have a tough time staying there. This is what the center is all about. Hoping to inspire kids in his neighborhood, the NBA all-star's foundation has overseen a lot of the recreation construction in the Washington metropolitan area. With quotes from Barack Obama and Maya Angelou on the walls, the Durant Center will provide preparation resources for students looking to go to college. The center will also help them maintain their studies to ensure success in school. Durant is mainly using his past experiences to help change the future, by showing his compassion and care to help shape the next generation. College Track, the first Durant Center, is now open in Suitland, MD.

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