Introducing Street Meet DC: A Social Hub for Creatives

By: Quortney Moulton

TLT had the opportunity to interview Josue Maldonado, the Partner of Street Meet DC, who provided insight about the future goals of the organization.

What is Street Meet DC?

Street Meet DC started with two freelance photographers, Pierre Funes and Aaron Williams who unexpectedly met through a craigslist posting for local photographers. To both of their surprise, Funes and Williams were the only two that showed up. This small incident, sparked a fume and the idea of Street Meet DC was born. Fast forward to March 2015, the first event brought in an unexpected amount of talented photographers, models and other creatives. During the event, members were able to express themselves, learn different skills from each other and meet people of all different backgrounds. “Every month since then, more people continue to come out and bring in more people,” says Josue Maldonado, the Partner of Street Meet DC. It begin with a small idea, which has turned into a community of like-minded individuals, who share the same passion for the arts.

When is the next meet-up?

The four-year anniversary of Street Meet DC, is soon approaching and the organization has a lot of interesting activities up their sleeves. Their next event is rain or shine and this event's purpose to get familiar with the founders and other members of the group. “We are hoping a lot of people come out, who are willing to show their creativity from D.C.,” says Maldonado. The next meet-up will be on February 23, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. (EST). For more information, please check-out their social media platforms listed below. - Website

@StreetMeetDC - Instagram

@StreetMeetDC - Twitter

Will Street Meet DC be expanding or remain local within the DMV area?

Looking to expand, the organization has already made its mark in Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA (@StreetMeetWA / @StreetMeetLA ) with the help of Joshua Flynn (@flynnpnw). Flynn, joined Street Meet DC previously but moved back to his hometown of Seattle, WA. He reached out to the founders after realizing “there was a market here for creatives, but there was no community for them, says Maldonado.” This is how Seattle became a sister-city for the organization.

How can members get more involved with the organization?

On the website, there is a section titled “FORUM,” which acts as a social hub for other creatives to meet-up and shoot. Aaron Williams, Co-founder of Street Meet DC, took action in starting the forum and has been dedicated to the success from the beginning. “One of our top initiatives this year, is to have a place where photographers can communicate with each other and create time to practice with models, videographers and more,” says Maldonado. If you are looking to create unique content or ask questions, you can check out the form here: Street Meet DC - Forum .

Future Internship Opportunities?

Right now, the organization is still in a structuring positions but is currently making improvements to beginning an internship opportunity for those willing to work-hard and take on the role seriously. “We want to make it tangible, once those opportunities do present themselves we will bring it to the community first. If anyone is interested in showing support, come out to the meet, says Maldonado.

Overall, this organization is here for the community to strive in all its creativity. “Now, there’s over 12,000 followers but the numbers that people perceive as clout, for us it’s not a big deal. It’s more about the fact, we come to the community to see 80-120 people share your same idea, it a very humbling experience,” says Maldonado.

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