How to stay encouraged while job hunting

By: Micaela Shirley


Finding a job is not easy at all, especially if you’ve never had a job before. However, there are ways you can stay positive when you’re looking and applying to places that may sound interesting to you. Listed below are three ways you can stay encouraged while job hunting.

1. Do something that makes you happy

Although it’s important that you apply to as many places that are hiring as possible, job hunting can be a stressful and overwhelming time for everyone. Instead of spending countless hours online looking for companies hiring, you can use a few of those hours doing something you enjoy. Whether it’s hanging out with friends or family, volunteering at an event of interest to you, reading a book, or watching a movie on Netflix. These are a few great activities, anyone currently job searching can do after finishing an application or two to keep their mind from becoming overwhelmed.

2. Do not give up

It’s easy to forget or downplay your accomplishments when you get a rejection email from a hiring manager or your friends get hired somewhere you were looking forward to working. You might wonder, is there something that other person had on their application that got them hired that I didn’t have? Chances are, there was something that stuck out to the hiring manager that made the other person a potential candidate over you. However, instead of dwelling on something that was out of your control, be proud of yourself for trying and try again later. After all, another company might contact you with an open position they believe would be perfect for you in the future.

3. Find Internships

If job hunting proves to be a challenge for you, there are other ways you can gain work experience. There are many internships out there from different fields/industries that are willing to hire passionate people wanting to fulfill any open positions they have. Like jobs, internships can add value to your resume, allow you to make connections with new people, and enhance any skills you may have lacked.

All in all, job hunting is a stressful time for anyone who has never had job experience before. However, by following these suggestions, the process will become less stressful and motivate you to keep going until you get the results you want.

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