Drake Officially Releases Songs like “Trust Issues” & “Girls Love Beyonce.” on streaming platforms

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

By: David Abraham

Name another artist that can release old music on streaming platforms and still have people going crazy? Beyonce did it with Lemonade and now Drake has done it with his album called Care package.

Last week, Drake dropped an album filled with songs that have already released between the years of 2010 and 2016.

These are the songs that never made it to an album or were removed from a released album, but have been on youtube ever since.

Fan favorites like “Trust Issues” and “Girls Love Beyonce.” were amongst some of songs releases

In addition to those 2 songs some of his most vulnerable songs are shared where he showed his very emotional side.

While some may criticize Drake for the re-release of songs that many are well aquatinted with, fans compare the album to the reintroduction of classic Jordan sneaker releases.

The concept of taking songs that once deemed as “album ready” & releasing them in an album form after their matriculation into the hearts of many music lovers can be viewed a genius business move.

It also introduces the songs to ChampagnePapi fandom newcomers who’ve never heard classics like “I Get Lonely”, which samples TLC’s Fanmail, and “Free Spirit”, featuring Rick Ross, which gives the same flow consistency & feeling of Ross’s newly released single “Gold Roses”.

This album truthfully goes to show Drake’s ranking on the Hip-Hop scale. The simple fact that he was even able to rerelease older songs that were already out as a compilation on a stand alone project shows the power of his stardom and artistry.

We’ve seen Drake break the internet before but never like this.

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