Does Cancel Culture Need to Be Cancelled??

By: Jasmine Gayle


Black Twitter is a beautiful yet savage land, but not it's built for the weak. It’s ruthless, honest and hilarious, but one thing Black Twitter loves to do is cancel.

Cancel culture is a term used to describe a form of boycott in which someone, either a celebrity or brand, has shared a questionable or unpopular opinion that is inappropriate for the culture.

Culture commentator and black twitter member @yazmuse tweeted, “cancel culture is an example of how society exhibits cult-like behavior, it’s the modern-day witch hunt”.

Nowadays, cancel culture has gotten out of control and some of it needs to be stopped. Some people have canceled artist for tweets they made when they were 12-years old while others turn a blind eye to the racism, homophobia, and sexism that pollutes the social media platforms.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether you’re canceling this person based on popular demand or based on facts. Artists like Megan the Stallion and Brother Nature have been the victims of cancel culture due to tweets they made in the past but they have since apologized for there actions from when they were young.

While examining the state of cancel culture some situations lead to some questions that need answers.

Some canceling that is more allowed and sometimes an unforgivable crime is when a minority counterpart uses the n-word however cancel culture plays a major part in many artist’s personal brands and sometimes leads to them fading into a social abyss.

There are some things you can’t come back from, like sexual harassment, and racial slurs, but the internet has forgiven many celebrities for these cancel worthy acts.

Now that we know the facts, here are some cancel culture questions that can help us establish some criteria. How can we control the cancel culture? When should you cancel someone? Can someone be uncancelled even though their actions have tainted your view on them? If their present actions differ from the follies of their youth, do they deserve to be canceled?

With all of this information, supporting people whose problematic past doesn’t agree with the progressive and genuine future, does not allow them to grow from their mistakes.

Although it's considered to be permanent, not all canceled people deserve to be “un-canceled”, but if their current actions speak louder than a troublesome post from six years ago, please take in mind the age and environment this person was in.

All in all, Everyone makes mistakes its how you learn from your past, and the error of ways can you truly be forgiven.

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