Childish Gambino New Music Video For 'Feels Like Summer'

By: Sade Reeves

As summer starts to come to an end, Childish Gambino decided it was the perfect time to put out a music video for his new song called 'Feels Like Summer'. The song had originally came out back in July and whats different about this music video is that it's animated and it has a lot of different rappers and celebrities featuring in it.

Twitter fans said there was alot of "shade and drama" in this music video but thought it was very funny and well drawn out by the visual artist,Justin Richburg.

Drake, Snoop Dogg, Nicki MIniaj, Travis Scott, Trippie Red, J.Cole, were all seen interacting with each other as Childish Gambino is walking down a road in a neighborhood watching different celebrities and rappers enjoying a summer afternoon. At times Donald looked disappointed or sad and the lyrics say "i'm hopin' that this world will change but it just seems the same". It's interesting that he chose to use various celebrities and rappers because some of them have drama going on right now but are seen hanging together enjoying a summer afternoon and that seems to be the message of the video, getting along.

Check out the video above and comment on what you like about the music video.


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