Chance The Rapper and Kanye West Announce a New Album Collab

By: Sade Reeves

On Monday, the two Chicago rappers were seen in a video that was posted by Chance The Rapper, on his Instagram page. The video announced that they would be working together on a joint album called "Good Ass Job". Kanye was the one who made the announcement in front of a large crowd, while Chance ran around the stage in excitement saying they need to go to the studio. Just two days before that, Chance had posted an image that said Good Ass Job, with no caption, to his Instagram page leaving his fans to wonder what it meant.

Now, if you're a fan of Chance The Rapper then you know how important this album is to him. Kanye West is his favorite rapper and is someone that has influenced Chance and his music and has always looked up to Kanye for support and advice in the music industry. But, due to some recent controversial drama Kanye has gotten himself into with supporting Trump and saying things like "slavery was a choice" some of Chances fans don't know how they feel about him working with Kanye.

Fans quickly commented on the posts stating their concerns about the partnership saying "Chance you have a good heart but Kanye is going to end up making you look foolish. I wouldn't go for this" and "I didn't ask for this, I want acid rap 2. Don't forget he took chance off waves and famous"

Some of Chances fans instantly thought the title was play on words in reference to Chances song "Good Ass Intro" from his Acid Rap album from 2013. But the title originally came from Kanye when he mentioned back in 2003 that his fourth album would be called "Good Ass Job" after his third album "Graduation".

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