Celebrity Songwriter Jane Handcock shares her story with a new EP

By: Donovan Mack

From Oakland California, Singer-Songwriter: Jane Handcock has written songs for Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland, and Tyrese.

Now stepping into her own spotlight, Jane is creating her own lane by releasing what she calls her “best work to date” entitled: Where’s Jane? (Series 2).

Jane has been singing since she was 3 years old; she began to take her singing seriously when she attended Oakland High School for the Arts.

Inspired by the greats such as Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, and other legendary artists, but keeping artists like Jay-Z and Nas in her playlist, Jane realized she wanted to do music for the rest of her life.

Once she was old enough, she moved to Atlanta to start her music career; while she was working her way up Jane noticed she never cracked under pressure and she always found something to stimulate and push her to more growth and success in her career and as a person.

Also while working her way up in the music industry, Jane maintained relationships with music executives and music managers which resulted in the opportunity to write for many A-list artists like Rick Ross and Kelly Rowland.

Focusing on her craft, doing what she does well, and being at the right place at the right time, Jane was able to gain more credibility in the music industry.

With this credebility, she Elevated herself and executed her own work. Within the record she wanted to share her own experiences and what she has been through in life.

With an authentic and quality sound, Jane wants her audience to feel something while listening to her newest project. Through this new EP, Jane shares her perspective on maneuvering through love and life and how she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Where’s Jane? (Series 2) by Jane, Handcock is available on Apple Music and Soundcloud.

follow Jane on social media-- @handcockjay

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