Boomerang On BET is for the Culture

By: Tamia Coleman

If you haven’t heard of the newest show on BET, “Boomerang,” you’ll want to watch it after you read this…

Boomerang on BET is about young adults who are trying to escape the shadows of their parents and create lives for their own while balancing healthy social lives, relationships, and careers.

We see a lot of diversity within this group of friends. There is a pastor who is somewhat struggling being the relatable friend and being 100% true to his religion and there is another friend who never saw herself in the music industry but has been doing such since the season started. Different, right?

This is a show that gives millennials a taste of everything as it bounces from one topic to the next. This kind of creativity is what the youngins' need and not to mention, the executive producers for this show are Lena Waithe and Halle Berry!

Everyone knows who Halle Berry is but if you aren't familiar with who Lena Waithe is, she has worked on shows like "The Chi" and "Dear White People." She is surely a produer for the culture.

Within this show are millions of messages that were written specifically for the millennial crowd.

In an episode, the character Ari ran into someone he had sexual encounters with at a gay pride festival.

The woman was there in support of her brother and when she approached Ari about why he was there, she questioned if he was gay or not. Ari replies saying that he likes both and he doesn't want to label himself as anything.

She tells him that she will pray for him since he seems indecisive about his particular gender interest. He also says that she should pray for his brother too because he thought she was praying for him since he was gay man but in reality, she was going to pray for him since he is "bi-sexual."

The community sometimes normalizes the idea that men can't be bi-sexual the way women can and this episode breaks certain gender and racial stereotypes that you may have engraved into your brain.

With many hot topics being discussed during this series, audiences think its safe to say that this show is definetly for the culture.

Be sure to check out Boomerang on BET every Tuesday night at 10:00 PM!

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