Artist Spotlight: Monee' Chante'

By Ashton Horne

New Jersey Artist Monee' Chante' is Someone You Need to Check Out!

Lil Wayne Artwork
Dope Lil Wayne Artwork! IG (@moneechante)

@MoneeChante - IG/FB

Monee' Chante' is a 24-year-old year artist. I discovered her work via Twitter. I wanted to introduce her amazing artwork to more let's jump right into it!

First, please introduce yourself and give us a little of your background!

Hi my name is Monee' Chante' (pronounced Mo-nay). I'm from Jersey City, NJ and I specialize in portrait paintings. I studied at Delaware College of Arts & Design where I received my Associate's Degree in Interior Design. From there I took off with my art.

What age did you become interested in art?  I became interested in art at the age of 5. I loved coloring and making up my own characters. My mother always told me I never drew "stick people." My people always had on clothes and shoes lol.

When did you discover you had a real talent for being an artist? 

I discovered I had a talent for art at a young age around 5 years old, however I didn't take it seriously until I went to college at 18 .

What inspires you as an artist for your drawings? Also, do you have any influencers as far as your style? 

I'm inspired by the Hip-Hop culture and people of color in general. We're unique in many ways. People of color are my main focus in my works. @itsmariel on Instagram inspired my style in a way because we have a common theme when we paint.

Artwork by @itsmariel
One of Monee's inspirations (Via @itsmariel)

There are many artists in today's world. How difficult is it to be original and get noticed? 

Sometimes it's very difficult to come up with original ideas, but honestly nothing at this point is original. It's already been done you just have to find a way to do it with your own touch . Getting noticed is all up to your grind. 

How much has social media helped you network and promote your artwork?  Social media has helped me so much. When I first started I use to post once a day. I realized posting everyday consistently helps your page circulate more so I always kept that in mind. Celebrities who have over 10 million followers have even found my page so social media is always great.

I see you do more than just paint. You also do custom designs on clothes, sneakers and more. When did you start doing that?  Yes, I did customized clothing as well. I started doing that because people from my neighborhood would always want custom cartoon designs for their kids. I don't really do it anymore because I want to focus on one thing at a time.

Ruff Ryders customized jacket
Ruff Ryders customized jacket (Via @MoneeChante)

I saw you have a like from Cardi B on the painting you did of her on Instagram? How did that make you feel and what other big names have liked your work? 

Yes that was by far my favorite moment from this year. It was just a regular night scrolling through IG and her name had popped up that she liked my pic of her and Offset that I did. I was in shock I had to make sure it was her real page lol. It was, that was cool because I love her.

Monee Chantee painting of Offset & Cardi B
Keep grinding and people will notice your work! (Via @MoneeChante)

A few years ago you spoke at your old middle school for career day. Describe what that was like and how did your teachers react seeing you present? 

Career day was really fun for me. All of my old teachers where still there. I was a shy kid so for them to tell me that they always knew I still would be doing great things in the future was a great feeling. Usually when you're shy you think that people don't notice you.

What are some important tips you think every upcoming artist should know? (Especially something you learned the hard way) 

I think every artist should know that no one is going to go as hard for your ideas or brand as you are. So also motivate yourself. Also to be careful who you trust with your work. Some people are always looking to scam and steal.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What is your ultimate goal being an artist? 

In the next 5 years I hope to have a team who genuinely supports me helping me. I want to be invited to events and making more money lol. Also I want to collaborate with Chris Brown lol!

Monee Chante Spray Paint of Chris Brown
"I used Acrylic and Spraypaint." (Via @MoneeChante)

Where can people purchase or view your art? The best way to reach me is through Instagram and Facebook both are Monee Chante!

Last but not least, any shoutouts you want to make?! Yes shoutout to all of the people who support me and show me love. It really keeps me going knowing that people enjoy what I create. 

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