Artist Spotlight Featuring: A.N.F

By: Sade Reeves

TLT had the opportunity to sit down with DMV rapper ANF and catch up with him about his rap career and what latest project he's working on

( IG: @axnxf )

ANF is a 23- year- old rapper that I've known since he first started rapping and I wanted to shed some light on the evolution of his rap career so lets get right into it!

Give us a quick introduction of yourself!

I go by the name of ANF and I'm 23 years old. I'm a DMV rapper and I'm coming from Frederick MD.

When did you first start rapping and what inspired you ?

I would say I started rapping in 2014 during my senior year of high school. Growing up forreal I always wanted to be a star some way some how type shit. I was just running around doing shit and got inspired by some other things and then just started rapping. Then I dropped my first song on YouTube and got a whole rack of views on the first week and I said fuck it and just went from there.

What makes your sound of music different from other DMV rappers?

Shit in the DMV area I think my whole sound is different. They say I got like a down south type of style but I don't know I guess I am influenced by a lot of things. I just got that different vibe cause I could talk about girls and relationships to partying to being in the streets, making money all types of shit so I just feel like my shit is just way, way up there.

What artist do you think has influenced your music and who is your favorite?

To be honest, I feel like I'm influenced by a lot of people. I feel like everybody's music influences me to make more, better music. I fuck with everybody forreal, I fuck with Future, Thug, Drake, Kodak, all of them.

What projects are you currently working on right now ?

I'm working on a project called Who Am I and its about to drop on February 28th. You could call it a mix tape, its going to have 11 or 12 songs on it . I got my man Rich Homie Quan on there you know what I'm sayin', shoutout Rich Homie Quan.

Have you worked with any other big name artist and is there any one you hope to work with in the future ?

Yeah, Fat Trel one time but that's about it. I would like to work with other artist. I guess with time you never know who you'll run into.

What's your Favorite song off your new Mix tape 'Who Am I' and why?

I aint goin' lie, I like the whole tape. The whole tape just gives you like I said before, a whole rack of different shit. You got that turn up you got that real shit you got something for the females. I just feel like once I make one track I feel like I just want to make another one even better than that so I just keep pushing myself to make even better tracks. So I cant even say I got a favorite track.

What are some challenges or obstacles you've had to overcome to get to where you are right now?

It gets different when you start getting a little shine on you forreal so its like, you gotta move different. Watch the type of people your around, all that shit. Low key feel like I have more haters now but I don't pay attention to them.

Where can people find your music to listen to?

Everywhere, YouTube, Sound Cloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play you name it, we on that. Just type in ANF.

Lastly, any shout outs you want to give out ?

Shout out to my family and my homies. Shout out to my team, my city (Frederick), my supporters, my fans, my mans Marcus and anyone that's down for me and shout out to my haters!

Check out one of the songs from ANF's new mix tape #WhoAmI called Forever

Twitter: @ANF____ IG: @axnxf Facebook: ANF

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