A1 Chops Appears on The Ellen Show

By Ashton Horne

This past summer Baltimore City's drummer duo A1 Chops went viral for doing R&B singer Ciara's "Level Up" challenge. That was just the beginning.

Timothy Fletcher(a1chops_trill) and Malik Perry (a1chops_leek) caught the attention of TV Host Ellen Degeneres with the video. Earlier today they got a chance to showcase their talents on national television.

Not only do they drum they combine their dancing into it and stay on beat the whole time. What truly makes them stand out is how they toss their drumsticks and incorporate different tricks while drumming. Its truly an amazing thing to watch and never fails to entertain the audience.

DeGeneres introduced them saying, "I love their videos so much I asked them to come here and perform on the show."

The two sat down with her to talk about how they met in high school. They also mentioned they broke a lot of drumsticks along the journey. Their surprise was $10,000 each from the company Shuttlefly to pursue their dreams.

Credit: a1chops_leek

Locally these two are very well known. Chances are you've seen them at the Baltimore Inner Harbor where they spent a lot of time perfecting their craft. They also have performed at an open mic hosted by Davy J and performed the "Level Up" challenge last month at the Wine and Slow Jams at Oxygen Lounge.

Be sure to watch their full video on The Ellen Show and the challenge that went viral above!

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