A Trap Museum is Coming to ALT and Everyone is Excited

By: Donovan Mack

photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlZI4I6B7x5/?taken-by=troubleman31

According to Bossip, Rapper and businessman T.I.sets out to create a pop-up trap music museum in Atlanta to honor ATLs rich history in the rap game. 

Bossip also reports that the museum will showcase major MCs in the "trap" subgenre of rap, its origins and impact on pop culture as a whole.

Unless you have been under a rock when it comes to hip-hop music, trap music has shaped the music industry from the early 90s to the present.

Now, trap music has a very distinctive sound but it has been vastly popular and successful amongst listeners.

Trap music has also set the foundation for black culture and because it has impacted so many aspects of the culture that it presents a need for this museum

The museum in Atlanta will not only highlight artists that have paved the way but also the current artist that are helping to keep the genre alive.

Artists such as 21 Savage, Rick Ross, Future, and Gucci Mane will also have their work showcased within the museum.

In an Instagram post made by T.I. he wrote, “This for US!!! All US!!! All contributors to the culture of Trap Muzik!!! No matter who you are or how you’ve contributed...Consider this just as much yours as it is anybody’s. This is your HOME just like its mines...Regardless of our personal differences or discrepancies. It is what it is... Trap Muzik wouldn’t be SHIT without ALL OF US!!! So it’s all of our 15th anniversary!!! I made it a album... but WE MADE IT A GENRE!!!! This is a celebration of ALL OF OUR CONTRIBUTIONS to the CULTURE WE CALL TRAP MUZIK!!!! Coming Soon...”

Lastly, the museum will be interactive featuring an escape room and more to come.

The museum will be opening up its doors September 30th and the location is TBA.

For more information, you can follow @trapmusicmuseum on Instagram or you can visit their website at https://trapmusicmuseum.us/

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