10 YouTubers That Are For the Culture

By: Na’Tianna Stocker (@_natianna)

How frustrating is it to have to type “for black women” or “black” before anything you want to search? Very frustrating! As a minority, it is important that there are influencers that people can look up to in real life and on social media. Youtube is one of the biggest platforms that black people have today that is used to inspire and entertain the public. Beauty, lifestyle, and news are just a few topics where black people have become successful entrepreneurs in the Youtube world.

So with that being said, here are 10 YouTubers that are for the culture:

Nyma Tang: Nyma is a Sudanese Youtuber who focuses on beauty and lifestyle. On her channel, you will find her reviewing different makeup products that work best for black women and giving her viewers tips and tricks on how to her perfect their makeup. Nyma currently has over 1 million subscribers and her most popular video is her testing out Fenty’s darkest shade of foundation. (That video currently has 9.9 million views!)

NaturalReign: NaturalReign is the name of her Youtube channel but her name is Jaelen Mitchell. Jaelen currently resides in Atlanta, GA and she is a natural hair Youtuber. She focuses on gaining and maintaining length, styling and protecting your natural hair. Jaelen has over 15 videos strictly regarding natural hair tips and tricks for growth so if you are looking for products and routines, she is your girl!

Daquana White: Plus size try on hauls is what she is known for. Daquana is a young and vibrant woman who lives in North Carolina. The reason her channel is starting to gain more and more subscribers is because of her plus-size try-on hauls from ASOPH, Boohoo, SheIn and more. Not only does she do plenty of hauls from different stores she also has her own website where she sells bundles, wigs, paintings and you can also shop her closet. (daquanawhite.com)

Leah Gordone: Controversial topics are her forte in the Youtube world. Leah is an HBCU graduate of Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. Her most recent videos are about the Marshae Jones case, Kim K and the Kimono situation, and the fake doctor performing fraudulent procedures on kids in Uganda. #LeahTalks is what she calls her segment of her reacting and describing the most popular situations going on. She is for the culture because a lot of her videos support and defends black people. Leah also has a playlist of videos where she supports black-owned businesses! If you want to stay up to date with what’s trending on social media, #LeahTalks is for you!

Jackie Aina: Jackie could have 3 subscribers or she could have 3 million, either way… she is going to keep it real! Jackie has no issue telling her viewers the truth about products or just real-life advice. She is known for her makeup looks and techniques in the beauty world on Youtube but she also has videos that make you think of her as the big sister you’ve always wanted. If you go to her channel she has a playlist dedicated to the culture, it’s called “Black History” where she mimics looks of time periods and famous black artists

Jouelzy: Jouelzy is a vlogger, author, and entrepreneur. The videos she makes gives off a “Dear White People Vibe” with a little sass. She talks about friendships, relationships, she travels around the country and she is also an advocate for #SmartBrownGirl. She strongly supports black culture and has videos about how black people should make their voices heard politically. Check out her video with Michelle Obama!

Tarek Ali: “It’s ya boy Tarek Ali!” Artist, actor and YouTuber star Tarek Ali is for the culture. On his channel, he shares his intellect, successes, and failures in hopes that his viewers will learn from him. He is a vlogger, a makeup artist and will occasionally upload videos about his opinion on political topics. Tarek’s most popular video is his coming out story with almost 2 million views. Entertainment, beauty and lifestyle all in one channel.

Black Men’s Beard: Brandon Patton, one of the founders of BlackMensGroomingDen.com is a Youtuber who specializes in helping black men start their process of growing and keeping their beard healthy. Brandon sells products that promote and stimulates growth for men with beards already or men who struggle with beard growth. Along with beard care, Brandon also meals prep videos for healthy living.

Roberto Blake: From providing ways to deal with depression to finding the motivation to live day to day, Roberto is that Youtuber to help you with your struggles. Roberto is a motivational/public speaker, creative entrepreneur, and author. On his channel, he talks about how you can recover and deal with depression, how to stay motivated and get rid of bad habits along with how to grow your Youtube channel and make thousands of dollars monthly. If you want to elevate mentally and financially, he is the guy to watch!

Joe Budden TV: Joe Budden has a podcast section his channel where he and a couple of other men are just able to talk. (The Joe Budden Podcast) They talk about present-day topics, love and their feelings about different situations. This is a positive way for men to express their thoughts in a form of entertainment for their viewers. The best thing about his podcasts is that they are all genuine, everything they talk about is

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