10 Most Binge Watched Netflix TV Shows of 2018

By Ashton Horne

Netflix Press Release Included the Top Shows from 2018

Last Chance University Indy
Last Chance University: Indy

Ever since Netflix was created it transformed how people binge watch. For $10 a month all you have to do is turn your television on and click whatever show you want to watch.

Then the rest takes care of itself. No commercials and no waiting for the next episode to come out. The binge life has never been more convenient.

In a press release yesterday Netflix showed the world the 10 most binged watched shows from January 1st - November 28th.

The ranking has no reflection on the overall viewing. Netflix is well known for hiding their viewership numbers so we couldn't provide any statistics for that.

Instead the ranking is based on the highest average watch time per viewing session. "On My Block" took No.1. This show follows four teens transitioning into high school in South Central while dealing with the dangerous environment they're in.

Other lists included above are the "The Stars We Fell In Love With This Year." This list is comprised of talent who appeared in a Netflix series or film in 2018 who received the largest percentage growth on Instagram since January.

"The Movies We Fell in Love With This Year" includes "The Kissing Booth," "To All The Boys I Loved Before," and "Roxanne Roxanne." These 3 movies had the highest rewatch rate and are ranked in no specific order.



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