Can Women Support Twerking and The #MeToo Movement?

By: Sade Reeves The music video for "Twerk" by City Girls ft. Cardi B dropped January 16th and their fans were excited for the visuals. The music video has had 30 million + views and over 75 thousand comments since the drop date. The video has become so popular that even some conservative men and women have started to comment on the video and question how sexual objectification empowers women in the era of the #MeToo movement . If you are not familiar with the #MeToo movement

The Cosby File

By: Candice Teal As the #MeToo movement continues to grow, more and more victims are coming out about their rapists. This movement has shed light on all kinds of men and women, and their extra-curricular activities behind closed doors. One of them being a great figure in African-American sitcom history. Yesterday, on September 25, Bill Cosby was tried for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. This incident occurred in January 2004. Because of this extensive time g